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Palladium Boots, Filson and Richard Chai come together for New York Fashion Week

Posted by on Feb 9, 2012 in TurnerPR

Here at the Turner PR offices, we are abuzz about the new collaboration between NYC designer Richard Chai and two of our clients Palladium Boots and Filson. Not only are we excited about this but it’s also catching the eye of Freshness Magazine, High Snobiety, Complex,  Refinery 29 ELLE Online and

For Palladium Richard Chai has designed footwear to fit into his “urban nomad” collection. He has created special editions of Palladium’s iconic silhouettes the Pampa Hi and Pampa Tactical boots with selected range of fabrics, including corduroy and felted wool.

Richard Chai has also brought his comfortable and approachable fashion designs to the Filson Rugged Casual Apparel line via nine interpretations of classic looks like their wool bomber, field jacket and duffle. A first look at the collection will debut on February 9th during Chai’s New York fashion show.

To watch the debut of Filson and Palladium with Richard Chai at New York Fashion Week, tune in to the livefeed at 11am on February 9th.

We can’t wait!

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