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Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp: One Big, Happy, Money-Making Family: TPR Weekly Download 2.21.14

Posted by on Feb 21, 2014 in TurnerPR

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp: One Big, Happy, Money-Making Family: TPR Weekly Download 2.21.14

Instagram: The Retail Money-Maker

Instagram is on a hot streak lately, one that brands can’t afford to ignore. Forbes.com recently reported that visual commerce leads to conversions as Instagram’s community boasts 15 times more engagement than Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. DigiDay.com highlights some of the top retailers on Instagram, with Target, Harrods and Nordstrom claiming the most popular hashtags. Victoria’s Secret, Louboutin and Michael Kors take the cake for the retailers with the largest Instagram communities.

Pictures > Words on Facebook

It’s no secret that visual content is the clear front-runner in garnering organic consumer engagement. This loyalty-building strategy allows a creative outlet for brands to reach their number one fans. Facebook, specifically, favors visual content over links and text posted to brand pages. So what’s the secret? Creating high-quality content for a mobile sharing culture. SocialMediaExaminer.com offers a look at five ways businesses are telling their story on Facebook.

Book Your Next Flight Through Social Media

Travelers can now book flights via social media on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Passengers will now be able to use Facebook and Twitter to book flights, reserve seats, arrange baggage and pay for everything all at once. This adjustment was made based on customer feedback requesting that social media networks be used for booking.

Playing the Analytics Game

Social media marketing is a rapidly changing game of how to best reach consumers organically with branded content. The preferred method of reporting this data has no choice but to keep up. As the consolidation of social media marketing companies continues, Ad Age reported earlier this week that social analytics firm, Dachis Group was acquired by Sprinklr.

Facebook Acquires ‘WhatsApp’

Facebook announced on Tuesday that it has reached an agreement to acquire the mobile messaging platform, WhatsApp, for a mere $16 billion. Facebook states, “the acquisition supports Facebook and WhatsApp’s shared mission to bring more connectivity and utility to the world by delivering core internet services efficiently and affordably.”

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