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Celebrating The 50th Anniversary of the Alpha M-65

In 2015, an American icon turned 50 years old.

In late 1965, Alpha Industries was awarded its first contract by the U.S. military to manufacture a piece of apparel to keep soldiers in fighting form in the jungles of Vietnam. The result was the M-65 Field Coat, an upgrade to the M-51 and M-43 field jackets, which were worn by US soldiers in the Korean War and World War II. The M-65 served the military very well, becoming standard issue. Over the decades, the field coat also developed into a bona fide fashion statement, as tastemakers (and eventually runway designers) fell in love with its timelessly cool vibe. A half-century after it was introduced, Alpha’s M-65 Field Coat looks as good as ever.

TURNER wanted to make this celebratory moment a big one, in which we could leverage as a way to introduce to media the importance of the M-65 coat and its place in Alpha’s history.


Alpha Industries and the U.S.’s military heritage are inextricably intertwined – so what better place to highlight the relationship than the nation’s capital, Washington D.C.? The urban setting, combined with the city’s history, made for an evocative setting, connecting the M-65 to the streetwear fashions of today, as well as the coat’s deep roots.

Alpha Industries and TURNER hosted a two-day press trip to Washington, D.C., inviting journalists from trendsetting such outlets as Highsnobiety, Selectism, MTV Style, Nylon, the Washingtonian and Marcus Troy. All invitees had a connection with the brand, showing an affinity for Alpha Industries, and we knew that they would bring the M-65 celebration to the right audience.

During the customized M-65 press trip, our guests got an inside look at the U.S. Capitol Building, paid a visit to Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum, and took Segways out for a tour of the war memorials.

The press trip culminated with an Alpha party at the Newseum where guests mingled with Alpha staffers and members of the military among an exhibit of archived Alpha Industries product. The celebration was capped by a full-scale fashion show of the brand’s current collection, linking Alpha’s storied past with its vibrant present.


The press trip put a well-deserved spotlight on Alpha Industries and the M-65’s 50th anniversary, earning detailed coverage in Highsnobiety, Selectism, MTV Style, Nylon, Marcus Troy and the Washingtonian. Here’s to 50 more years of M-65 excellence…