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The Perfect Pairs For Chile’s Top Wine Regions

The Perfect Pairs For Chile’s Top Wine Regions

Chile is ranked among the top 10 wine producing nations in the world. The country’s wine producing history stems back to mid 16 th century when Spanish missionaries and conquistadores established the first vineyards in the country. Why is Chile such a wine hot spot? For one thing, the country’s unique geographic location and topography make it the perfect breeding ground for several varieties of wine. In fact, its vineyards are so perfectly incubated by its natural surroundings that even the deadliest vineyard Phylloxera, which destroyed most of the world’s wine-producing lands in the 1800s, never reached Chile. To this day, it is the only major wine-producing country free of Phylloxera.

Just like wine has its perfect food pairing, Chile’s wine regions have a perfect traveler pairing – matches made in grape heaven. With Chile’s prime harvest season occurring in March, below are some 2020 bucket list destinations for every type of traveler. 

The Soccer Mom

  • Commonly Known As: A mother of three that is dedicated to her kids by day and has her hand glued to a wine glass by night.
  • Often Heard Saying: “Honey, hand me my Olivia Pope-sized wine glass.”
  • Best Chile Wine Region Pairing: Rosario Valley is located within San Antonio Valley and produces some of Chile’s best Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. The Soccer Mom will love all the family-friendly options here like Matetic Vineyards, which caters to wine-loving parents and their children. Matetic offers alternative activities to distract the kids like horseback riding and grape tasting while parents indulge in a glass or two.    

The Novice Wine Enthusiast

  • Commonly Known As: The young professional who religiously drinks a glass of wine after work.
  • Often Heard Saying: “All wine is good wine. Hey, I drank wine from a bag in college.”
  • Best Chile Wine Region PairingMaipo Valley is one of the most commonly visited and most well-known wine regions closest to Santiago, Chile’s capital city. The Novice Wine Enthusiast will enjoy convenience alongside exciting experiences like tours that include sampling some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon wines in the country, guided bike-rides, and exquisite cuisine tastings. They’ll will return home a swirl, sniff, and sip expert.

The Alchemist

  • Commonly Known As: The established millennial that won’t shut up about the CBD infused wine they tried in Amsterdam last summer. This open-minded traveler is seeking off-the-beaten path experiences to become more cultured.
  • Often Heard Saying: “My co-worker introduced me to the Vivino app and it changed my life.”
  • Best Chile Wine Region Pairing: The Atacama Region is located in Northern Chile in the stunning Atacama Desert. This isn’t the most typical of Chile's wine regions, making it perfect for The Alchemist. Wine production is done on a much smaller scale here due to the hot and dry climate. However, the region is best known for growing Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. A major draw for our curious traveler in this area is the production of Chile’s national spirit, Pisco. The Alchemist will definitely opt-in for a Pisco tasting and put it all over his or her Instagram Story.

The Frustrated Sommelier

  • Commonly Known As: The Gen X intellectual snob who refuses to buy a kindle, but really does know a surprising amount of information about wine – and won’t let you forget it.
  • Often Heard Saying: “Decanting is my sport of choice.”
  • Best Chile Wine Region PairingColchagua Valley, south of Santiago, is best known for its production of premium French wines, such as the Carménère, which was reborn in Chile. The Frustrated Sommelier will enjoy the many in-depth wine tours available — and getting the chance to give their two cents on the exquisite rich bodied reds. This region is also home to some of the most luxurious hotels. Vik Chile, located on the grounds of Viña Vik, stands out for its striking architectural design and world-class 2011 Bordeaux Blend. It’s the perfect Chile homebase for our Frustrated Sommelier.

The Healer

  • Commonly Known as: The token hippie aunt that doesn’t make a decision without consulting her acupuncturist.
  • Often Heard Saying: “I drank wine in my first trimester.”
  • Best Chile Wine Region Pairing: The Aconcagua Region is known as one of the most prominent of Chile's wine regions and is made up of three different valleys: Casablanca ValleyAconcagua Valley, and San Antonio Valley. The Healer will marvel in the varied options of this region and will gravitate towards vineyards like Emiliana, Chile’s top producer of Biodynamic and Organic wines. She will return home with a suitcase full of organic wine for holiday gifts.
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