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digital communications

Meta is expanding Meta Verified to businesses on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. 

Upcoming: Meta Verified for Business

Earlier this year, Meta rolled out Meta Verified for creators – a subscription bundle to help creators establish their verified presence on Instagram...

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What You Need To Know About Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

It's possible you've seen the acronym "WCAG" floating around recently. It stands for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines — and it's something that...

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How (And Why) Brands Should Be Partnering With Influencers In 2023

Influencer marketing has become a staple of the modern marketing landscape, with brands of all sizes utilizing influencers to reach their target...

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How AI Tools Like ChatGPT Are Already Impacting The Travel Industry

ChatGPT, the powerful generative artificial-intelligence software, is making headlines in all industries. What about its impact on the travel...

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What To Expect In 2023: Social Media, SEO, Influencers And Beyond

We took a look at the 2023 trends that will be shaping the travel world last week. This week, we're digging into the digital realm—a place where...

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SEO Strikes Back

For almost a decade, Facebook has dominated the social media strategies of virtually every brand. But is the powerful platform’s reign coming to an...

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How To Make Your Facebook Live Session Soar

Live video streaming is an engaging way to connect with your followers and grow your audience in real time — and Facebook Live makes it all easy. But...

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Breaking E-News: How To Build A Successful E-Newsletter

Whether it’s a newspaper with a circulation in the millions or a boutique PR agency, e-mail newsletters are big these days. They’re a low-concept...

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How to Be The Greatest of All Time with Online Reputation Management

From readers’ polls and resort rankings in media, to online customer evaluations and complaints on social, a growing number of media outlets are...

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Reddit 101: What You Need To Know

Pop quiz: What’s the most powerful social media platform? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? Snapchat? None of the above? The open-source web...

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