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The Day Turner PR Changed Its Dress Code: Welcome Bermuda


The ladies and gents of Turner PR have never shied away from bold fashion statements. We firmly believe that what you wear should be both a statement of individual expression and functional (a theme among our clients, as well). And sure, we pay attention to trends. The men in our office aren’t afraid of a little facial hair. The entire team has been known to inadvertently dress alike (often enough for us to devote a Facebook album to the phenomenon). But until now, we’ve adhered to two basic rules: no pajamas in the office, and no shorts.

Today, we’re officially changing the rules. This week, we welcomed the awesome, amazing, iconic destination of Bermuda to our client roster. We’re already obsessed with their shorts, and are reconfiguring our wardrobes accordingly.

Turner PR loves Bermuda shorts.

Lest you think our giant crush on Bermuda is limited to fashion-forward legwear, we thought it was worth noting some other ways we’re planning on Bermudifying our world:

  • Our summer drink menu just got updated. Noted Bermudian rum company Gosling’s Black Seal holds the trademark for Dark & Stormy, which is why it is now the house cocktail at the office bar and drink of choice (also, how you can resist ginger beer?)
  • Ok, if you really can resist ginger beer, then you definitely can’t resist Bermuda Rum Cake. Trust us. Also, for an even greater sugar rush: Creampuffs.
  • Raven Baksh has been added to a handful our office playlists.
  • Our Game Of Thrones obsession will be paying off: Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister, was born in Hamilton, Bermuda. We will be looking for her every single trip, in hopes of securing a GoT-worthy selfie.