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What Can We Do Better? Content Creators Sound Off On Their PR Pet Peeves

For the past few years, we’ve been chatting with some of our favorite writers, podcasters, influencers and content creators for our TURNER Q&A series...

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Lebawit Lily Girma

TURNER Q&A: Lebawit Lily Girma

As the founder of Tourism Lens and a full-time travel news reporter at Bloomberg Pursuits, Lebawit Lily Girma’s passion for storytelling is only...

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TURNER Q&A: Jeffy Mai, Time Out Chicago

Jeffy Mai is the editor of Time Out Chicago, covering things to do, see, and eat in the city. With over a decade of experience covering the city’s...

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TURNER Q&A: Sahara Rose De Vore

Based in Milwaukee, Sahara Rose De Vore is a wellness travel expert who believes that a vacation is not just a means of escaping reality, but a...

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TURNER Q&A: Travis Levius

Freelance writer and editor. Content creator. Tourism marketing consultant. Since making what he laughingly calls "a harrowing leap" into the travel...

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TURNER Q&A: Camilo Navarro, Wheel The World

Founded in 2017, Wheel The World has rapidly become the most comprehensive guide for travelers with disabilities to find and book accessible travel...

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Generation Next

A curated collection of can't-miss news from this week, including diverse travel trends and more. Sign up to get the TURNER Weekly Download in your...

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TURNER Q&A: Cory Lee

Launched just about a decade ago, Curb Free with Cory Lee has established itself as an indispensable online resource for wheelchair-friendly travel....

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TURNER Q&A: Emy Rodriguez

Emy Rodriguez only made writing his full-time career two years ago. But he's already made considerable headway in the travel and lifestyle space,...

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TURNER Q&A: Heather Greenwood Davis

Toronto's Heather Greenwood Davis is an award-winning freelance writer, an on-air personality, and keynote speaker. Above all, she's a storyteller...

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