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OUTSIDE Magazine Names TURNER a Best Place to Work for 2018

OUTSIDE Magazine Names TURNER a Best Place to Work for 2018
TURNER has been selected as one of OUTSIDE Magazine’s Best Places to Work this year, jumping up 55 spots from 2017. Every year, OUTSIDE recognizes companies that help their employees strike the perfect blend of work and play. It’s not too difficult for TURNER to find that ideal balance. Our team is always finding ways to turn our jobs into unforgettable (and very OUTSIDE-worthy) adventures. In "the line of duty," we’ve enjoyed plenty of amazing experiences. Here are just a few, from sunrise to sunset.

Sunrise Yoga at Red Rocks

CorePower Yoga on the Rocks Red Rocks Amphitheatre, located near Denver, Colorado, is rightly known as one of the greatest outdoor live music venues in the world. But Red Rocks isn’t just about music. Every summer, TURNER client CorePower Yoga hosts Yoga On The Rocks, an exhilarating open-air workout surrounded by Red Rocks’ iconic sandstone monoliths. We’ve never done downward dog in a setting this spectacular. [Photo courtesy CorePower Yoga]

Dogsledding at Sunriver Resort

Dogsledding in Oregon TURNER’s roots are in Colorado, so we’re very familiar with all kinds of snow sports. But we recently were able to experience a classic winter adventure – dogsledding. With a group of adorable canines leading the way, we mushed our way through the powder near Sunriver Resort in gorgeous central Oregon.

Nebraska Crane Migration Viewing

Nebraska Crane Migration It’s one of nature’s greatest spectacles – but don’t take our word for it. Just ask legendary naturalist Jane Goodall. She called the Sandhill Crane migration in Nebraska the world’s best animal migration second to the Serengeti wildebeests. This year, we got to experience it the largest Sandhill Crane roost on the Platte River, where we spent time with biologists/scientists/farmers who shared insights into the science and the mystery of the crane migration and the river’s unique ecosystem.

Axe-Throwing in NYC

Axe Throwing Haven’t you heard? Axe-throwing is in. We brought the trend to NYC recently in partnership with Duluth Trading Co., bringing in media to learn how to “stick an axe.” And then, the Denver team gave it a try during our most recent holiday party. No one was inspired to quit his or her day job to join the pro-axe-throwing circuit ( it’s a thing!), but it’s pretty good for blowing off a little steam.

Rappelling in Alberta

Rappelling in Alberta Rappelling into a canyon is challenging enough. But we did it freezing temperatures with a full CNN camera crew. It was worth it. Maligne Canyon in Alberta’s Jasper National Park is stunningly beautiful – even moreso in the winter.

Swimming With Sharks in Belize

Swimming with nurse sharks in Belize While immersing ourselves in the wonders of the Unique Hotels of Belize, we swam through the pristine Barrier Reef waters, checking out abundant marine and reef life and colorful coral formations. Then, we proceeded to Shark & Ray Alley where we had the most amazing experience of swimming in the water with a few gentle sea creatures — Nurse Sharks!

ATV-ing on the Oceano Sand Dunes

ATV in SLO CAL The Oceano Sand Dunes in SLO CAL (San Luis Obispo County) are the most extensive coastal dunes in California, with a totally unique and totally gorgeous eco-system. But we didn’t just explore this one-of-a-kind landscape – we zoomed across it on ATVs. The Oceano Sand Dunes are open to off-highway vehicles in California and provide an outdoor playground of about six square miles.

Sunset Cocktail Cruise in Bermuda

Bermuda Cocktail Cruise - Outside Magazine We’ve been enjoying Bermuda’s pink sands, classic island vibe and outdoor adventure for years. But the ultimate Bermuda experience might just be a sunset cocktail cruise, with a warm breeze and a DJ spinning some chilled-out beats. There’s an island-wide debate over the perfect Bermuda cocktail. Are you a Dark ‘N Stormy person or a Rum Swizzle person? But with a glorious sunset taking place right in front of us, we always ask: why not both? Sound like a place you’d like to work?  Check out TURNER’s current job openings. The complete list of OUTSIDE’s Best Places to Work 2018 is available at OutsideOnline.com. For more info, visit Bestplacestoworkoutside.com.
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