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UGC FYI: Why User-Generated Content Is A Brand’s Best Friend

UGC FYI: Why User-Generated Content Is A Brand’s Best Friend

We’re living in an age of endless content. Brands are expected to provide an enormous amount of fresh material for their social media channels, whether it’s gorgeous photos for Instagram, short-form videos for TikTok or how-to explainers for Facebook. The sheer volume can be overwhelming, even for well-funded and successful organizations. Have no fear — UGC could be the content solution you’ve been dreaming of.

In recent years, User-Generated Content (UGC) has emerged as a pivotal asset for brands looking to connect with their audiences effectively and authentically. UGC refers to content created and shared by users, often showcasing their experiences with a brand’s products or services. If used strategically, it can reshape your content plan —and save a fair amount of cash in the process.

Here's why UGC has become increasingly vital for brands in the realm of social media:

Authenticity Reigns Supreme

Let’s get real. In an era where authenticity is highly prized, UGC stands out as genuine and credible. Audiences are naturally skeptical of traditional marketing messages, but UGC serves as a testament to a brand’s real impact on its customers. It builds trust by showing that real people genuinely appreciate and engage with the brand.

Social Proof and Relatability

In tandem with the authenticity conundrum, UGC humanizes a brand. When a potential customer sees user-generated content, it lessens their view of a company as a faceless corporate entity. UGC makes a brand more relatable and showcases how products and services can into the lives of everyday people.

Cost-Effective Content Creation

Creating high-quality content can be expensive and time-consuming for brands. UGC, on the other hand, offers a cost-effective alternative. Brands can tap into the creativity of their community without the need for professional production, saving resources while maintaining a fresh stream of content. UGC also is ideal for cost-effective ad creative; by utilizing the content in both paid and organic content, brands can easily get great ROI on the content, as opposed to increasingly expensive influencer content.


So, UGC can be an incredibly effective part of any social media strategy. How can you start taking advantage? There are several tools to help you get rolling.

  • Insense: a one-stop shop to collaborate with creators for UGC, organic posting, and whitelisted ads on Instagram and TikTok Spark Ads.
  • Billo: This platform’s flexible Packs of made-to-order UGC include custom video ads, demos, testimonials, reviews, showcases and more.
  • Twirl: Built for eCommerce brands, marketing teams and agencies Twirl saves time on finding, hiring and vetting UGC creators.
  • Trend: Discover a hand-picked creator network that has passed Trend’s rigorous requirements for high-quality content creation.

And of course, TURNER is always here to help you navigate the possibly unfamiliar waters of UGC. Want to learn more? Get in touch.


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